meet Megan

photographer of life and chaser of the good light

Hi! I’m Megan!  

To keep it simple and sweet: I love people and believe that everyone has a story to tell.

Ya know that feeling of instant film? There’s the click of the shutter and then the anticipation of watching this moment frozen in time all contained in one frame develop before your eyes. But my favorite part is knowing that it is absolutely one of a kind, that if you took a second one it would be slightly different. That’s what I hope to capture, those fleeting moments in the essence of time. Whether it is your brand, your love story, your family’s legacy, or something that is unique to you, I would be honored to document it so that you can look back and always remember the chapter that is currently being written.

So, let’s hang out. Be friends. Connect hearts. Let’s laugh, cry, and adventure as we share your story.




In other non- photography related news....

I am a lover of travel, (take me to the water!) adventure, meeting new people, and collecting memories.

I am a taco and breakfast enthusiast…that being said…I love cooking almost as much as I love eating, but more than that, I love gathering over a meal, because life is better spent shared!

I’ve never met a pup I didn’t like!

I love shoes, but I would rather be barefoot.

Long drives with the tunes turned up are the best. Dance parties are my jam!

I’m a sucker for good light, good design, and good vibes. I love collaboration!