Hong Kong

As some of you may or may not know, I first set foot on Chinese soil over 8 years ago. It was a quick trip  to help an english center for a couple weeks in a completely different province from where I am currently. I remember sitting in a coffee shop in Hong Kong, the night before departure, and trying to mentally download the events of the two cities I had visited, and the people I had met during this first quick trip. I also remember a deep desire embedded in my heart to somehow, someday return to China. Little did I know then, that I would indeed return to this foreign land and not just for a short visit, but fully immersed, and sojourning for an undetermined period of time. 

So today I find myself back in this city, trying to get everything necessary completed so I can continue to remain in China. I am grateful for new friends who have helped me get to where I needed to go for my visa, showed me charming pockets of this massive city, and opened up their home to me. I am overwhelmed by the kindness and hospitality that has been extended towards me and am thankful for each of these individuals and the relationships that have been made. 




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