Down by the River

It's another beautiful day, the morning light is pouring in the window, there's distant sounds of chimes and monks chanting...wait, what? Typically I awake to people talking loudly as they take their morning walk, or an incredibly noisy, massive truck being unloaded below, sometimes it's a food vendor cart announcing whatever items they are selling through a recording on a megaphone as they slowly drive or pedal by, or my personal favorite, people hawking loudly in preparation to spit. But chimes and monks chanting...that was a new one. I wasn't sure if I was hearing correctly or if someone was maybe listening to a recording or what so I went to the window to investigate. I couldn't really see much of anything or anyone but I decided it was most definitely chanting, for whatever reason... so I threw on clothes and grabbed my camera and headed down to the river. On one set of stairs, there was a couple of people doing their usual ginseng/Chinese medicine rinsing. 

And on the next steps a couple of monks and women were standing with some containers. The chanting and whatever ceremonious things they were doing had more or less come to a conclusion, but I did make it down in time to watch the women who were with them dump the buckets of... eels? fish? amphibious creatures of some sort? into the river. Oh sweet freedom for... whatever they were.