Moon River

I glanced out the window tonight and was stopped in my tracks. The moon was rising and it was big and bright. I know it's not nice to stare but I couldn't help it.

My Grandpa was always fascinated by China and the culture. I remember taking a trip one time with him and my family to the now nonexistent theme park, Splendid China. Of course, that was a miniaturized and watered down, artificial version of China made for westerners. But it's funny now, when I think about it now ... I'm sure his interest in this foreign land was unconsciously being impressed in my then young heart. I miss him and think of him often, especially living in this place that he never got the chance to visit. I think of him when I see a motorcycle that he would have liked or when I glimpse someone that I know he would have loved to talk to (or at least gotten a kick out of trying to communicate with). The man didn't know a stranger and let me tell you, he had some amazing stories. He was an adventurer at heart. As I sat down to write this, with my playlist on shuffle, the song moon river came on. It made me smile since it was quite fitting for the moment and my photo; it was also one of his favorites. 

Moon river, wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style some day
Oh dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Two drifters off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after the same rainbow's end
Waiting 'round the bend, my huckleberry friend
Moon river and me