Meet Hannah

This is Hannah. She was my flatmate for a few weeks. Hannah is a psychology major from Perth who had some time off of uni and came to Chiner for a few weeks to help out at the rehab and english center. While she was here we ate brekky, shared stories of travel and adventure, fought off mozzies, climbed the mountain, talked about our brothers (both of us have two), played pounce, searched the city for fried potatoes, survived the kiddos going mad one afternoon at the orphanage, piled 3-deep on a scooter with Kate as Heidi ran through a red light (this was equally necessary and amusing), and discussed the differences between Ozzie and American lingo. (Australian slang and accents are much better, obviously.) In an effort to be more intentional about taking more portraits of people, I grabbed the camera one evening and snapped some quick photos of Hannah who was willing to oblige. This girl is quality and I am glad to know her.

g'day | good day/hello

ozzie | australian

brekky | breakfast

fortnight | two weeks

uni | university

arvo | afternoon

fairy floss | cotton candy

barbie | barbecue

footy | australian rules football 

mozzie | mosquito

aces | excellent


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