Such Great Heights

“ So when I’m on the edge, peering over into the unknown, trembling and terrified to move forward, devastatingly afraid to take that next step, I practice believing that full life is beyond the fear. I know that God’s voice has led me to this exact place….but that’s how life is. The riskiest things always yield the best, most beautiful things.”   -Shauna Niequist

I have a healthy respect for heights. What that really means I have a fear of heights, but that I refuse to let that fear win, because I also have a deep desire for adventure running through my veins. The climb is exhausting both physically and mentally ( I pray, convince myself to keep going, that the view will be worth it... yes, it will hurt really bad if I fall, provided I live, blah blah blah all the way up and all the way down).  And let’s not talk about the fact that there are girls that climb part of the mountain with their boyfriends in their  attire that is fancy, but not quite my ideal choice for climbing a mountain. Okay, so maybe a little but of that "adventure" is refusal to be outdone by these dress and platform chunky heel wearers. Platform heels, really? Who are these people? How do they do it? I would surely fall and perish if I even attempted to hike in platform heels; but I digress. The first time I went was in December when the team was here for the tour. We climbed to the top where we released our fears; and as we looked upon all that was laid out before us, we covered the people and this city I now call home. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to climb to the mountain at least every other month. I figure if I have access to a mountain, there is no reason not to climb it. Now when I go, I stray off the path (my respect for heights-self normally questions and objects, but my adventurous-self always wins) to a higher peak and sit and rest and drink in the view in this quiet, sweet spot.